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HTM06 Compliant UPS Systems for Healthcare

UPS employed in the hospital environment within the UK is generally designed to meet the health and technical memorandum ( HTM's as they are known). meeting the HTM's does mean that some items may be non standard and therefore equipment supplied into the medical application should be supplied via UPS specialists with some specialist knowledge of the hospitals UPS requirement.

Typically the UPS will need to have a 60 minute battery and be enclosed within a rack. The sealed lead acid battery should be of ten year design life and we would always recommend the superseded but more robust BS6290 part 4 standard be used as the quality standard for the batteries employed. The new generic standard for batteries (BS60896) relaxes testing procedures, and allows batteries to fail a routine test several times stating that modern batteries can sometime need this to reach a full state of charge. The BS6290 standard, which is still noted on literature by quality battery manufacturers stated that a battery should pass the same test after the initial stabilising charge.

Modular UPS systems are also becoming common place for small applications whereas some hospital specifications still call for transformer based UPS systems that have the ability to be fed from two independent electrical sources ( from differing ring mains / substations ) to provide additional robustness. It is also common place to install a "neutral injection transformer" to secure the neutral link in the event of switching by means of human error.

Alternatively, there is sometimes a requirement for larger single phase outputs than covered by the general UPS market. KVA Power Installations Ltd can meet this need up to 60 KVA as a specialist solution for Healthcare estates and hospital clinical areas. .

UPS systems are used within the hospital electrical systems for a variety of applications for example:

UPS to support Isolated Power supplies in operating theatres

UPS to support operating table power supplies and ancillary such as surgeons panels, lighting and pendants

UPS to support IT and comms

UPS to support X ray

UPS to support CAT scan

UPS to support Cardiology equipment

KVA Power Installations Ltd are specialists in the supply of HTM compliant UPS systems for medical and HTM governed applications. We are familiar with both the design requirements and maintenance requirements set out within HTM06-01 parts A and HTM06-01 part B and our specialised UPS solutions are provided to meet these requirements.

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