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Life Safety Generators from KVA Power

Generally the equipment supported in life safety systems can have very demanding characteristics that will see a high power requirement at initial start up that is 6-10 times greater than the power requirement when the equipment supported has settled down to its normal running state. Generally the equipment being supported will be connected to very demanding motor applications which are amongst the most complex of equipments for a generator to handle.

When sizing a generator for motor starting consideration must be given to the type of motor start mechanism. Is it direct on line or it it Delta star ? Does it have any soft start capabilites ? All of these things ditcate the correct size of generator and need to be carefully considered. One common mistake is for people to look at the motor starting curve for the alternator used on the generator, which may well demonstrate that the alternator can easily cope with the demand. However most people forget that the alternator is powered by a mechanical engine, which can not product infinite killowatts. Therefore the deciding factor is the engine capabilty first and foremost.

All generators can run at their full stated load, however when the generator recieves a signal to start it is unable to take the full working load in one step without falling outside the european standard compliance limits.The governing standard in europe for generators is ISO8528, and within there is a set of acceptable limits for voltage and frequency devaition on start up of generators. Fall outside of these preset limits and there is a real chance of damaging the equipment or circuits the generator is designed to support. Therefore it is imperative that the generator is sized to accomodate its own load step characteristic as well as the start up characteristics of the connected loads. The load should be carefully managed in line with the generator supplier to ensure compatibilty between equipment supported and generator start up characterisitics.

BS EN 8519 provides guidance and recommendations on the selection and installation of fire resistant power and control cable systems for ‘life safety’ events.

Further to this BS7698-12/ISO8528-12 set out very particular requirements in terms of how a generator must perform and how quickly it must respond, when the system is deemed to be a " emergency power supply to safety services"

As stated in the above, the life safety generator is subject to further standards and legislation to which it must comply. There are requirements to the physical build and how quickly the life safety loads must be supported.

All of our life safety generators meet all of the criterea and standards applicable in the UK today.

At KVA Power Installations Ltd life safety is a specialist area of ours so you can be sure we will provide the best and most compliant solution for your life safety generator.

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