free site survey

Free Initial Site Survey
For Backup Generators & UPS Systems

The best starting point for the implementation any successful standby power installation project is for both client and supplier to have a full understanding of the following:

Design brief

The lay of the land from a delivery of goods perspective

Can the supplier bring any value added skills to provide a turnkey installation direct to the end user

Can the supplier provide design input to save on running costs by offering efficient equipment

Is the supplier specialist in this area

Can the supplier provide reliable consultancy services

At KVA Power installations we believe any project starts with a site survey to ensure the client and supplier fully understand the requirements for the project.

Within our site survey we will assess your electrical and distribution infrastructure. Where required we will take accurate electrical measurements so you / we are fully informed of the current site loads and we will use this as a start point in recommending a power protection product to meet your needs.

We will physically assess the delivery route and the area in which the power protection equipment is to be located to ensure no delivery issues occur.

We will advise on legislative requirements ensuring your compliance is met.

We do all of this free of charge, so why not call today on 01942 386237 or contact us online