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EPOS Backup UPS Systems for Retailers

EPOS UPS systems are designed to be small and lightweight. This is so they can easily tuck into the small spaces available around the point of sale area, for example an under counter shelf.

Protecting your EPOS system is less expensive than you think. Our EPOS UPS systems are remarkably low cost and provide protection against surges, voltage transients and spikes. They also provide enough battery backup time to cover power glitches and brief outages, or to finish processing the current queue if the power outage is more prolonged.

These types of UPS system offer simple mains filtering and battery back up, in the event of a mains failure. They ensure that your point of sale continues to operate and that your business and power continuity are undisturbed.

With prices starting at £60 (plus VAT) these are an extremely cost effective solution for the retail power protection marketplace.

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