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Generator Fuel Systems from KVA Power

Governed by ever changing legislation it is important that your fuel system meets the latest standards to avoid prosecution, polluting the environment and subsequent heavy fines.

Unless your Diesel Generator is being stored in a bunded area, it is very likely that your generator fuel system will need to comply in full with the "Pollution Prevention Guidelines"(PPG2). They are a set of requirements issued by the Environment Agency, The Northern Ireland Environment agency and the Scottish Environment Protection agency. The guidelines, whilst uniform in approach, do have differences between the geographical areas and some of the requirements can differ from area to area. The main points relate to tanks being fully bunded (allowing a second skin around the tank as an extra safety measure against leakage) and constructed in a manner that is fully approved under PPG2. In some cases, it will need to comply with Defra / Atex / HSE regulations.

Recently the HSE have issued new recommendations based around a change in the flashpoint temperature of diesel fuel. The new recommendations suggest that ATEX zoning techniques should now be applied when designing a fuel system.

All of KVA Power installations Ltd fuel systems are built to comply with these fuel storage regulations, so that you can rest assured that your legal requirements are covered when you work with us.

We take into consideration the pipe runs interconnecting between the bunded diesel fuel tanks and the generators. Our pipe installers are experts in welded steel pipe (double skinned or single), screwed mild steel pipe, FSR and Secon X flexible double skinned pipe work and durapipe plastic fusion bonded types.

All of our tanks can also be supplied with a full range of accessories ranging from fill point cabinets, over / under / bund alarms, overfill protection valve, motorised valves, duty and standby pumps for pumped fuel applications and fuel polishing units, all to keep your fuel in top condition.

Once fuel is installed it is considered good practice to "fuel polish" it regularly to stop build-up of algae and sludge within the fuel. This can prevent the fuel being compromised and the equipment being damaged over time. At KVA we offer a full range of fuel polishing solutions.

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