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Modular UPS Systems from KVA Power


High efficiency modular UPS from 15KW to 2400 KW. Grow to 600 KW in one tower unit or up to 2400KW with multiple units.

Up to 96 % efficient in online mode or up to 99% efficient in eco mode, this UPS system offers market leading running costs, at a very competitive price level, whilst offering the very best PUE.

Electronic static switch technology ensures that the switch is electronically protected, giving the fastest possible response time between modes.

Used in data centres worldwide and with full UK manufacturer support, you can rely on KVA-M to provide uninterruptible power to your comms room.

Standard features and compatibilities are:-

10, 15, 25, 30 or 40 KVA / KW modules available all operating at unity power factor (up to 12% more power than older UPS systems)

Carbon trust / energy technology list approved (certain models only)

Advanced colourful and intuitive LCD control screen

96% efficient in online double conversion mode

Hot swappable modules

SMNP embedded as standard

Compact Footprint

Modules can be easily changed by 1 person

Extremely low mean time to repair

Modules are universal so can be used within any KVA-M UPS you have on site

Meets all European manufacturing standards in full

Low heat output, minimising your air conditioning requirements

Can grow from 10KW to 2400 KW

Easy menu navigation for non-UPS engineers

Rectifier walk in, allowing supporting generators to be slightly smaller than you may require with alternative products

IGBT power factor corrected to give a working power factor of 1

Highest crest factor in class

Orderly shutdown of servers and PC's via our server shutdown software

Market leading warranties

The Centric comes with an innovate patented design static switch which eliminates the types of failures that can occur in similar modular products on the market and offers an integral resilience without the need for additional switches. Rather than being exclusively an electronic static switch, or an exclusively mechanical device the Centric employs a hybrid static switch system which is both functions contained in one clever device. The benefit here is that should a mechanical failure occur then the electronics continue to work and vice versa. It is effectively a failsafe static switch design.

Battery solutions can be provided in matching battery cabinets or in enclosed ( or open if required ) battery racks. Single battery strings can be employed or to gain extra resilience for battery maintenance we usually suggest multiple strings ensuring that the battery solution is hot swappable in line with the UPS ethos of full modularity.

For more information on modular UPS systems call 01204 770990 or contact us online

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